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Current Litters

 Philosophy of Breeding 


Here at Pemberley House, we breed with two main goals in mind.

  • Improve the Breed

  • Provide Companions​ 

While it is certainly true there are no perfect dogs, that doesn't stop us from striving for perfection. We carefully evaluate our dogs, taking careful note of their strengths and weaknesses. Their temperament, physical structure, and genetic make up are compared to the WALA Breed Standard. It is our goal to see the Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle improve as a breed with each litter we produce.

In addition to a sound body, we strive to produce dogs that have strong minds and sound temperaments. As the Breed Standard states, "Easily trained, the Labradoodle is an ideal companion for families of all kinds." Some people need a companion that is a close friend that is always there, others need an active member of an already large family, and others need a service dog to help them through the hard providences of life, we breed dogs that aptly fill these roles as well as all of those situations in between.


Mardi & Penny 2024

Crossfield's Mardi Gras at JoaLins
Tampa Bay's Penelope of Pemberley House

We are so excited about this upcoming litter. Penny and Mardi are an adorable match that complement each other perfectly. We expect in this litter:

  • Excellent conformation

  • Size- Large Miniature: "15.5-16.5" / 28-32 lbs

  • Color- Apricot (black nose/light coat) & Caramel (brown nose/light coat)

  • Some solid (like dad) & some with white abstract marks (like mom)

  • Soft, wavy, fleece coat

  • Super loving snuggle buddies

Puppies due 5/11/24, going home mid-July

Litter name TBA

If you are interested in a puppy from one of our upcoming litters, don't wait. Our waiting lists fill up fast. While we work with our clients to match them with just the right pup for them, puppies are placed in order deposits are received.

Please complete our application.

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Deposit:               $150.00

Deposits are non-refundable and applied 

Pet Pups:             $2,800.00

Pet Pups are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.


Breeding Pups:   Contact for Pricing

Ask about our rewards program for referrals and returning clients

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