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In 2001, Jane I were married. Since that time, God has blessed us with six wonderful children. I work full time as a Mounted Instructor for a local police department and, in my free time, I oversee our family's livestock. Jane juggles homeschooling our children and managing the day to day affairs of the home.

Growing up, we always had dogs. Shortly after our first son was born, we added our first dog as a family, an Australian Shepherd named Echo. Sadly, she passed on in 2019, at the ripe old age of 13. In addition to our Australian Labradoodles, we have a retriever mix named Duke, a Great Dane named Thorin, and my son has a Siberian Husky named Athena.

As our children have grown older and become more independent in their school work, Jane began looking for other ways to contribute to our household economy. We had discussed dog breeding in the past, however, the timing was not right. Now seemed like the perfect opportunity to add this new challenge into our lives. What dog should we breed? We looked into breeds we were familiar with, ones we had loved from afar. We spoke to breeders and researched breed clubs. None of them were quite right, until I introduced Jane and the kids to the Australian Labradoodle.

In my travels, I had met a few doodles. Their coats and temperament were amazing. Jane was not convinced until she met one in person, then she was hooked. The Australian Labradoodle is known for their gentle demeanor, soft eye contact, and love for everyone. Jane looked into its eyes and formed an instant connection.

This was the right breed for us. Family is very important to us. We were looking for a family dog that was good with children and other animals, that was intelligent and easy to train. What we found in the Australian Labradoodle was that and so much more. Jane suffers from several auto-immune disorders. The most obvious is her Alopecia, however, the ones that are not so apparent, place her in regular pain. These dogs were originally bred for guide and therapy work. The attributes that make them good family and therapy dogs also make them excellent companions for everyone, no matter the makeup of their household. It was easy to see, these dogs would be wonderful dogs for everyone, from the large active family to the individual that is looking for a companion that will be there through it all. We all suffer from time to time. These dogs will sit with you and look at you with eyes that say, "I understand, and I'm here for you." If all of that were not enough, the Australian Labradoodle is allergy friendly and does not shed (as much as any dog can be said not to shed). My daughter suffers from allergies, and, while dog allergies are not one she suffers from, we truly understand what it's like to struggle with them.

In early 2021, Jane and I met with our mentors, Mark and Karen, at Tampa Bay Australian Labradoodles. We purchased our first two breeding girls, a Standard sized Chocolate named Cosette and a Small-Medium sized Caramel named Penelope. We are excited to see what beautiful puppies they will produce.

Here at Pemberley House Australian Labradoodles, our dogs are extensively health tested. Our dogs live in our house with us, as part of our family. The puppies are whelped in our bedroom and raised inside the house. They are socialized with children of various ages, dogs of various breeds, cats, livestock and chickens. They are introduced to various sights, sounds and smells, including, light traffic, car rides, new people, the great outdoors and sensory toys and odors. We love people and hope our hard work is a blessing to you. 

We now offer free transportation to our new partner location in S/W Jacksonville, FL

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Tarrytown, FL

Tel: 813-334-5849

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