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Part of the Pack

This is the inaugural post in our still yet to be named blog. As such, I intend to lay out what you should expect to find here. First, this blog is being produced as a part of Pemberley House Australian Labradoodles. Second, our pack is bigger than our dog breeding program, and this blog will reflect that. Finally, we are a family of 8 and you are likely to see posts from any one of us, as we utilize this medium to express our creativity and our own unique perspectives.

Pemberley House Australian Labradoodles

Here at Pemberley House, we breed authentic multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. This blog will primarily focus on topics and experiences related to our breeding program. There will be posts enumerating the myriad of outstanding qualities that make this breed the absolute best breed for families of all shapes and sizes. You will find grooming, training and adaptation tips to help maximize your relationship with your pup. We'll be bringing reviews for products and services we've found helpful, as well as posts detailing our experiences with this wonderful breed.

Bigger than just the Doods

Our pack resides on a small homestead in Central Florida. In addition to the ALD's, we have an old yeller mutt (lab/ridgeback/?), a Great Dane, and a Siberian Husky. The homestead boasts an ever changing collection of livestock. At last count, there were approximately 35 chickens (most of which were hatched in our kitchen), two cows, and 12 sheep (Katahdin and Florida Cracker). In the past, we've had pigs, ducks, and turkeys. The cataloging of our menagerie would not be complete without mentioning our ol' barn cat "Booplesnoot". Having adopted our family a number of years ago, she's quite the accomplished huntress, but prefers to sneak into the house, eat the dogs' food and sleep the day away in my daughter's bed.

In addition to the critters, we have a handful of fruit trees, bushes and vines, and are hoping to restart our garden this fall (we're really bad at growing vegies). We homeschool five of our six children, and our oldest will begin his Junior year of college, at USF, in the spring of 2023. With all of this going on, you're likely to find the occasional thoughts or anecdotes from around the farm.

Eight Authors

Pemberley House is a family business. All eight Joyners participate in the various tasks, chores, and duties needed to make the program a success. We hope to bring you perspectives from each of us. Our oldest is currently pursuing a degree in Technical Writing, and works part time as a copywriter. He and I will compose the majority of the posts. My wife is an avid reader and does the bulk of the schooling and managing the breeding program. Her thoughts will be immensely useful. My daughter is a budding writer and brings a...unique...creativity to her work. The other four boys are the muscle that makes the homestead work. From the seven year old to the 15 year old, they each have a different view of the world, and each one records and relates their experiences with a flare all their own.

We hope this blog will be an enjoyable and informative look behind the curtain. We love people, and find that shared experiences build stronger bonds. We invite you to experience the crazy life of a dog breeding, homeschooling, homesteading family that aims to fill peoples lives with the joy and companionship that the Australian Labradoodle brings.

- David

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Colleen Marie
Colleen Marie

Dear Pemberly family,

I am a new fan and I must say I am quite impressed with your wonderful family of people and pets alike! I stumbled across the Australian Labrador doodle just today!! I am so thrilled to find this out!! I had an Australian Shepherd named Addie mize and I loved that dog so much and was devastated when she passed several years ago. She was my everything, she went to work with me everyday, she went shopping with me when I went shopping she was the best companion in the world and I still to this day 22 years later miss her everyday. I also lost my son the other love of my life this past Ma…

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